life is precious. life is short.

so does the latter make it any less the former?


on the contrary, the very fact that i'm here for such a short time is the reason why i should make the most of every moment.

most of us don't appreciate the gift we've got. while we definitely must strive for improvement, we must not let our hunger for eventual change spoil our appetite for immediate satisfaction. or vice versa, of course!

life's too short. so live.

quote from imus:

NY Daily News Mike Barnicle:
"I was out briefly yesterday afternoon and some of them (protestors) were pretty funny. The funniest t-shirt I saw was on a young woman that said, 'Somewhere in Texas, a village is missing its idiot.'"


"You don’t support Democrats. Why should your ketchup?"

this is very interesting, packed with poll data about how safe new yorkers feel:


Some New Yorkers said they were planning to be out of town during the convention: Eighteen percent of Manhattanites polled and 13 percent of people citywide said they were expecting to be gone. It was unclear how many would have done so without the convention. Others said in interviews that they worried about the expense of the convention, the disruption, the anxiety.



i got through the world in heavy disguise. i pick my clothes carefully. i hide behind the image that my clothes help me project. i'm careful about what i say and do. i strive to ensure that the mask of my outer personality gives a particular impression.

and this protects me from the vulnerability or the lack of certainty which, deep down, i'm sure we all feel.

its easy to pretend to be confident.

not so easy to be truly open, honest and relaxed.

smallest 'earth-like' planet seen

The planet is 14 times the size of Earth - not so large that it qualifies as a gas giant - and is close enough to the star that it is unlikely to be icy.


bid early, bid often!

britney spears' chewing gum


time: 5:42pm EST

*director of wireless apps comes over to talk to me.. *

me: can i leave now?

she: i'm thinking of something work appropriate to say..

*someone yells from a desk: "how about NO!"*

she: YEAH! how about NO!

me: can i leave now?

she: can i say NO?

me: i really want to annoy someone..

she: you really wanna play that game?!

she points her index finger at me. with an evil grin, she brings her finger closer to my arm*

me: you're touching me.

she: i'm not touching you! *still bringing her finger closer to my arm*

me: you're TOUCHING me!

she: i'm not TOUCHING you! *and her finger's a hairbreadth away from my arm*

*her finger finally touches my skin*
*i chase her around the office yelling *MOM she's touching me!!!*

i work in a mental institution.. please don't ever visit me at work.

time: 4:52pm EST

me: can i leave now?

boss: no.

*i stay quiet for a minute*

me: now?

boss: what now?

me: can i leave now?

boss: No.

*12 seconds later*

me: now?

boss: NO.

*22 seconds later*

me: can i leave NOW?!

boss: NOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo!!

*boss runs around the office screaming "Nooo! save me from this prick!"*
*boss returns to desk after 15 minutes in a meeting*

me: can i leave Now?!

boss: NO!

me: why!?

boss: cuz i'm leaving now!

have advertisers gone mad?


this takes the cake for the most wack sentence:

CDPD ISPFES FW ReIntegration: We will be reintegrating the CDPD ISPFES firewall, to activate the CDPD ISP DMZ, and the FES zones. We will not be affecting Internet traffic for this MOP. Effect should not be seen by either zone, as the FES traffic is not being limited and the DMZ traffic matches what we are using in ACL

cops are nuts!

sms spam references virus..

hilarity ensues!

i heart huckabees


why is it that my dreams are so full of promise and my daily life so full of pressure?

is reality just one big swiz?

the trouble with wearing a suit of armour is that it makes me extremely vulnerable to strong, magnetic forces.


he: what happens when you mix oil and water?

me: hehe.. well..

he: now don't go being all smart by introducing agents that allow the two to combine in suspension!!

me: are you talking about that simple yet deeply unsatisfactory feeling you get, when you shake together two substances that are seemingly desperate to separate?

i have a wonderfully short memory. and that's my salvation.

somehow, i manage to forget all that is painful for me to remember. even if an experience has been unbelievably onerous, i file it away in the back of my mind.. somewhere.. and then i accidentally lose the key to that cabinet.

maybe that's why i manage to repeat my mistakes.

sometimes i have no option but to do something deeply difficult more than once.

again, that's how i manage it.


q: why are his boogers so expensive?

a: cuz they're handpicked!



a soul
and two worlds

all dangling in delusional space.

born of emotions
not yet felt


i have a lot of thinking to do.

its become clear that i'm stuck and no matter how much effort i make, this is unlikely to alter. so i've become resigned to my fate and retreated into my private thoughts. lately, i've been obliged to put up with a lot of things i don't like.

not any more.

he: you're getting so entrenched in your work that you're in danger of losing track of who you are and where you're going.

me: i know exactly where i'm going. i chose the path. so leave me alone.

i got a bad rap this weekend for being overly critical and having impossibly high standards.

but are they impossibly high?

nature is perfect - no one understands that as well as i do. and so, in my mind, i'm not asking for anything beyond the glories i see everyday around me in a flower or a leaf or the setting sun.

why shouldn't occurrences in my life reflect the same flawlessness?

i'm going to stick to what i want and i won't listen listen to anyone who says i can't have it.


i sit quiet
and patiently i wait
i feel the cracks in the walls
isn't he coming

high pitch noises
silence of the mimes
he told me he would come back
then i waited for
mr. phillips to come
and get his iguana

i bought the tie
i had no shirt
to wear it with

the crack on my
lip yearns
to be soothed

thought i heard
the sounds of snowflakes
that used to be
music to my ears

i will walk
out of my house
walk my ghost fish
people would still think
i am weird

weird i am
i will but one day
when people see
i boil my soul
in tea will
i still will
be weird

everybody boils
their soul
in grapejuice
i will boil
it in tea

remembered you like tea
remembered you liked someone

i will be happy
one day when you return

the earth is a ball of rock, spinning in space as it hurtles round the sun.

how amazing is that?!


reality is never as difficult to deal with as fantasy.

my fears, my worries and my concerns all stem (to some extent) from a tendency to subject hypothesis to hyperbole. even if i have good grounds for nervousness, i rarely allay it by giving it too much attention.

what i must know by now is:
if something's going to happen, its going to happen. if something is not going to happen, it wont.

my sense of humor and i are in orthogonal subspaces.


quote of the day:

"(President GEORGE W.) BUSH is making America look and feel very horrible around the world. He doesn't represent the heart of America. He represents another part of the anatomy but not the heart."

-- rock guitarist CARLOS SANTANA, in Billboard.

its only tuesday and its already been one heck of a week.

i started working at this new job 6 months ago. and i gave the job all i had and then a lil more. love the people, love the work. and i actually wake up excited about the new day at work.

i sound silly and i know my thoughts are completely disconnected.

the reason: i was informed that i have been promoted again and with the promotion comes a $10k raise.

that's the second promotion (and raise) in less than 6 months.

i know i should be happy but..


i am not the person i used to be.

i used to be a lot more defensive. and a lot more prone to make sweeping judgements.

time has mellowed me.

but it hasn't entirely extinguished my fire. i can still kick up an almighty fuss if i spot a large enough injustice. and i can still deliver stinging remarks and cutting comments when i encounter sufficiently serious stupidity.


watching CNN right now.

they're breaking into various political/terror news stories to announce some REAL news - Rick James was just found dead in his home in LA. details to come...


i can't be in two places at once.

yet no matter where i find myself, i keep wondering whether i ought to be somewhere else. my attention is divided, my loyalty is torn and i don't seem able to draw on my normal ability to establish clear priorities.

you and i have a date tonight

place: my shower
spot: my mind

you and i have a party tonight:

place:in my pants
spot: YOUR G


he: I hear the CEO (Cock Eating Overlord) is having his way with the office's aesthetic?

me: blue in the office, green in the chill out room and white in the conference room. ugh!

he: do me a favor and make like a monkey at a zoo and throw some feces at him.

he's hilarious!
and we all miss him.

martha stewart's first tip for prison decorating:

tip 1: try not to clash architecturally: if you have vertical bars, do not use horizontal blinds.

diving dave

it hurts.

make it stop!!

here's a reason for uncle bob to move to england!