"But no matter how far I'll probably run or the things I do - I'll always be looking for you in the mist."

damn him.

Like i say life is just one long day ending in one long night.

- harris


trick out your gmail!

senators bear witness (and carry the crown itself) as “Emperors, kings and presidents ... declare to all heaven and earth that Reverend Sun Myung Moon is none other than humanity's Savior, Messiah, Returning Lord and True Parent.”


unbelievable. doesn’t this have to offend somebody in the administration?


i sometimes wonder if i'm silly.

i see things that other people seemingly cannot see. and i do care about matters which people around me are apparently oblivious to.

i set high standards which eat up vast amounts of time, energy and, sometimes, money too. but few seem to understand why i do this, far less offer to support me in the process.

still, i struggle on. my life is often hard as a result.

yet what do i gain from this?

a whole lot actually!

passion is always attractive.

even if it's expressed in a negative way or it is attached to some dubious, dangerous idea, it has a kind of hypnotic fascination. passionate people somehow seem more alive. they radiate an intensity and carry a particular kind of power.



amazing story about what goes on when you swipe your card:

39,000-kilometer roundtrip journey that involves five stops plus a calculation of how much to charge the merchant in fees and how to divvy up those fees among the banks. Elapsed time: two seconds.

amazing. they do more transactions per second than anyone except the us fed.

confusion loves to disguise itself as certainty.

the trouble with being a grown-up is that i have to keep remembering to act like one.

deep within me, there's still the little child i used to be.

i still feel like throwing the occasional tantrum. i still feel scared of things and people that cannot really harm me. i still have loads to learn about the world and how it works.


buy reagan funeral programs on ebay.



i'm going to ipod my bmw!


from gawker, but still funny:

are you ghettofabulous?


This will require a lot of PM work from you in the long run.

sounds like fucking bullshit to me! i wasn't born yesterday, ya know!


i plucked the surfboard out of the sand
and ran towards the waves

i create illusions.


take me away from all this.
i just want to drive and talk and just be silent at times..
i want to watch the sky and drink some beers.
i want to laugh and love.
i want someone to love me back.
and i want to roll in the grass and do crazy stuff without thinking what people might think of me.
i want to read and listen to music and do shots.
i want someone who understands me.

hellllllz yeah.
you tell me the weekend.

we can rent a room down the beach somewhere.
maybe antigua.
they have wild horses that run around the beaches.
my friend nina lives there.
she said it's beautiful.

wild horses?
i love horses. i used to have one.
sounds perfect.
you're going to make me cry.


sometimes, i get so caught up in the dramas, sagas and pressures of daily life that i lose all sense of direction and purpose.

it seems as if i'm lurching from one crisis to the next or as if the best i can hope for is an ability to keep my head above water.

the definition of insanity..

..is doing the same thing over and over again in the hope that it will bring a different result! (or so they tell us).

maybe so. but isn't that also the definition of optimism?

i have to have faith or i'll go crazy!

oh my dear lord!
  • 2 vitamin e
  • 2 fish oil
  • 2 charcoal (antioxidant)
  • 1 multi-vitamin
  • 1 calcium

looks like i'm living off of pills rather than food.

what an invigorating experience!

argh! i'm high on theraflu! hehehe

low self esteem can be a bitch, eh?


sometimes i'm a bit too deferential.

i assume that others must know more than me, or that their needs count for more than my own. i'm not a pushover but, for every person i'm prepared to stand up to, there's another i'd prefer not to offend.


stagnant water is slowly dripping from the ceiling of my dark dungeon. the chains that bind me to the wall are chafing on my wrists and legs. the food, if it comes at all, is unspeakably awful.

but i can put up with all this cheerfully. i'm used to it.

what i can't stand is the creaking noise that the door makes when the warder opens it. if only someone would oil that hinge, all would be fine!

or would it?

life is too short for tension or stress.

honda's new accord:


the spoof:


click through until you get to the page with the videos. it's the top one on the right (the thumbnail of the guy pushing the tire). what's amazing about the 118118 guys is that the whole site is an ad for directory assistance in the UK - essentially a premium 411.

i'm hoping this wins..

The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, a California-based consumer rights group, yesterday filed suit against T-Mobile, AT&T Wireless, and Cingular Wireless, claiming the carriers unfairly "lock" their handsets, keeping subscribers from using their phones with rival carriers. In its lawsuit, the foundation claims that because the companies all use the same wireless network standard, GSM, subscribers should be able to use the same phones across these carriers' networks just by changing a SIM card. The consumer group seeks a court order to block the process of handset locking among U.S. GSM carriers.


a new hypothesis for the location of atlantis:


alfonso cuaron and harry potter rule!

this was the most amazing harry potter movie i've seen. and cuaron, most definitely, handled the movie and the characters better than columbus. cuaron's got a style very similar to hitchcock's.. makes you want to slump out of the seat and peer around the corners hoping to catch some action.

what made it even better was the imax experience and prime seats!

and oh, emma watson's so hot!


anna kournikova: a soccer mom?



when, at first, i don't succeed.. i chill out.

i take it easy and let it all go. i move on and get into something else. now i know this really isn't the traditional way to complete the statement. but that "try, try again" line was not written for me! when things don't work out for me, it usually indicates that there's a better alternative.

quote of the day:

"The United States is not a poor country, but we do have better cricket fields in the Caribbean," said Fabian O. Hanson, 36.



i think i know enough.

yet in reality, i understand precious little. and this unnerves me. makes me feel insecure.

i find myself unable to bear the thought that i might be living in a world that makes no sense whatsoever. so i make it make sense. i persuade myself that i can see rhyme and reason even in the silliest of situations.

for a while, the comforting illusion is maintained. but eventually, inevitably, it falls apart.