Wilfred is the BEST!

Yesterday, I was hanging out with my colleagues, Wilfred and Ari, in our café.

So just to bug Ari, I said “Yo Ari! Wanna peel me an orange?” And he says “No!” :(

Wilfred then asks why I asked Ari to peel me an orange. I say “Free Willy (which is what I call him), I HATE peeling oranges… but I LOVE eating them!”

Today, I walk by Wilfred’s desk and glance over longingly at the beautiful, succulent orange sitting on his desk. After meeting with another colleague, I get back to my desk and get a HUGE surprise.

Wilfred peeled two oranges, put them in a huge bowl and brought them to me along with a fork and napkins!


I can’t believe how sweet he is!

I used to be his boss (a long time ago) and I know there were times I was a bitch to him (not without reason). But still, he doesn’t hate me. He said he loved me since the first day when I interviewed him for his current position… me in all my glorious vampire costume (he did come in for an interview on Halloween!).

Well there we go. What a beautiful gift. To be loved by people so much that they peel me oranges.

*sniff sniff*


Future in-laws?

My boyfriend’s parents will be visiting us mid-july. And get this – they’re going to stay with us for 3 months!

So obviously, I’m stressed.

I’ve got so many insecurities where they’re concerned… especially because they’re the traditional/conservative south Indian couple. And I’m anything BUT traditional/conservative.

1. Will they like me?
2. Will they think I’m too loud?
What about my pets? I do have a few pets… will they get along with them? At least tolerate them?
4. Will they think that I’m not good enough for their only son?

God! I can go on with that list… And the biggest issue is that I'm divorced. Indian folks think of divorce as a stigma! Divorce = BIG NO NO!

I know the list seems a tad bit trivial when I read it, but they liking me (or not!) will really affect my future. If they do like me, life becomes easier for everyone.

And if they don't like me, that's their problem.


the best thing that ever happened to me..

... was meeting this guy.

realization dawned on me a couple of years too late... but it was love at first sight.

the best thing about a twisted ankle?

fewer smoke breaks!


david s and his wife stopped by my place last night to drop off their 6 month old pitbull/black lab mix pup - inu ichi.

inu ichi's the epitome of a super hyper pup!

so i decided to take kian and inu ichi for a walk after dinner. got their leashes on. left them loose in the corridor and as i opened the side entrance door and started walking down the stairs...


i tumble!

my ankle was at a weird angle. the pain was absolutely blinding. and i almost had a heart attack thinking i broke my ankle.

that would be really really bad right now. can't afford to take any more time off work.

finally, after i got used to the pain and opened my eyes, i twiggled my toes and realized that pain is good. that i could move them and my foot too.

nothing broken. sprained ankle. bruised spirit.

moaning, i get up and make my way up the stairs and into the corridor. that's when kian, my almost 2 year old golden retriever, realizes that there's something drastically wrong.

he starting licking my face and not (!!) pulling on his leash and restraining the pup. then he rushes over to my apartment door and starts barking.

meanwhile, s, who has been working, opens the door to find me literally collapsing right outside.

he gets me inside. hands me an icepack. takes the dogs for a walk.

wow. its been a while since i physically hurt myself.

emotional scars are a whole different matter :)