on my starbucks coffee cup this morning:

The Way I See It # 29

Every language is an old-growth forest of the mind, a watershed of thought, an ecosystem of spiritual possibilities. Of the 6,000 languages spoken today, fully half are not being ttaught to children. Every two weeks an elder dies and carries into the grave the last syllables of an ancient tongue. Within a generation or two we are losing half of humanity's social, cultural and intellectual legacy.

-- Dr. Wade Davis
National Geographic


breaking news:

Earthquake measuring 8.2 reported off Indonesian coast on same fault line as quake that caused Dec. 26 tsunami. Details soon.

read more at cnn.com

a doorway opened.

an opportunity arose.
a change occurred.

ah! the importance of effort.

breaking news:

Earthquake measuring 8.2 reported off Indonesian coast on same fault line as quake that caused Dec. 26 tsunami. Details soon.

read more at cnn.com


there may be no vampires in my world..

but there certainly seem to be plenty of people who are willing to drain me of my energy.

there may be no werewolves

but i definitely am conscious of certain individuals who seem to be on a very short fuse.

nash and teemus sitting on a tree


LOL. i've officially lost my mind.


recent experiences took the wind out of my sails.

they made me uncomfortably aware of the need to fix a big problem and seriously challenged my sense of optimism.

i thought i'd be able to bounce back quickly but it left me with a bitter taste in my mouth.


interesting word.
a conundrum for a bisexual.


chaos is like salt.

or pepper.

and i like a lot of it in my daily diet.

and my life.

she: i contemplated suicide last night.

me: mm

she: then i realized i'm too much of a coward to go through with it.

me: mmmm

she: you're not listening!

me: i am. but i wont sympathize and indulge you. you brought it upon yourself. get a fucking life. and stop wallowing in self pity.

she: i don't think i like you anymore.

me: you are not the only one. you dont like me cuz i say it the way i see it.


am back from n'awlins.

weary and fatigued and famished.


i am not actually fascinated by relationships..

i'm just magnetically drawn towards all issues that involve a delicate, complicated balancing act.


i cant get a fucking break from work to buy some luggage for my trip to new orleans. and now its snowing and i am not sure my porsche will handle the snow that well.



fresh guy

that guy totally has creepy mech-sex with other people dressed as mech-bunnies and stuff

firefox and popups

it seems that devious advertisers are trying to get around firefox's pop-up blocking ability. if you are getting pop-ups, you can follow these instructions to turn them off. the firefox team hasn't turned this off by default because they are still researching whether there are sites that use this functionality as part of their regular flows.


also, if you hadn't heard, firefox 1.0.1 is out and fixes the domain pseudo-hijacking that was possible in 1.0.


i am off to new orleans for this conference.

march 12 - 16.

i am so excited. i've always wanted to visit new orleans and never really got a chance.


spent $800 here


give me a break! i am pmsing.


fear is like pepper.. for me.

i need a little to avoid a bland, dull experience. sometimes, when i have too much of it, i suffer indigestion.

then there are times when i am a curry addict, an adrenalin junkie. i dont feel happy unless my life is full of challenges.

nothing like water..

to quench my thirst.


i made my first payment on the bike.