pep talk with myself

when you close your eyes, you can see anything you want to see.

why then, when you open them, can't you be anything you want to be? what keeps you in your place? what stifles your creativity? what limits your power? what suppresses your potential?

be what you want to be. life's too short.

About me. random. in no particular order.

1. I’m a soon to be 30 year old Indian living in the US for the past 12 years.
2. I love animals.
3. I LOVE books. I read a book a day. Ping me to find out how.
4. I love dancing!
5. I love nature.
6. I’m a flexitarian (thanks for a new addition to my dictionary, snickollet) .
7. I’ve got 5 cats.
8. I’ve got one dog.
9. I like to be alone.
10. I was raised by a single parent… Love You, Mom!
11. I’m very social… but I don’t like 90% of the people I meet.
12. I got most of the travel bug out of my system by the time I was 25.
13. Of all the countries I’ve been to, I love Austria and South Africa the most.
14. I volunteered at a Cheetah rescue farm for 6 months in South Africa.
15. I’ve discovered the joys of cooking/baking recently (albeit a bit late in life).
16. I nurture by nature.
17. My SO is my best friend.
18. I like to cry. For the earth. And the abuse we’re putting her through.
19. I’m honorary Irish.
20. I speak 4 Indian languages, French, passable Gaelic and Italian.
21. I’m a happy drunk.
22. I like nothing better than to settle down on the swing in my balcony, with a glass of single malt, and a great book.
23. I re-read books.
24. I love taking pictures of anything and everything. But I’m terrified of getting my own picture taken.
25. I’m in love with my new vacuum cleaner. I love you, DYSON!
26. I write sad/dark poetry. And me mum hates it.