a foor-door porsche? Porsche Panamera

whooooooppppppppiiiieee. ok so i've officially lost my mind. and i'm still at work.


i'm at work. and yes, its 2:36am and i don't have a life.

atleast i'm happy. for now.


my latest crush! he's so yummmy. damn


like steinbeck says:

I'll have to go into the past to look whatever you are asking for. I dont want to go there. I'll stumble over various things that i dont want to touch.

i succumb to this loneliness
and this sense of longing
i find shadows of tears in my eyes
and wounds rip my heart out

all the while, all of this

is eclipsed by my smile.

i'm married to life
my dogtag, a symbol
my compromise, a reality


option A is not allowed.

option B is not feasible.

option C is undesirable.

option D is...

fuck it.

my horrorscope for today:

You have recently been brave... and have benefited from the experience. You are not yet entirely comfortable with your new perspective but as you get used to it, you are starting to see more reasons to be hopeful. This weekend presents you with an attractive option. You like the look of it but it makes you feel nervous. There are few automatic guarantees attached to this. A lot depends on how you proceed. Be encouraged. And do pursue your goal. But try to do so sensibly. And slowly.

The ABCs of borborygmi

check it out here!

this guy is hilarious!

I shall write a book called Hairy Pothead and the Half-Wit Prince. It deals with the effectsof smoking marijuana. Thats great innit? but what are these pink elephants doing here?


he: you're weird.

me: we're all weird. in our own wanton ways.

as i grow..

i seem to get even more enamoured by a certain kind of sensuality i evoke in my mind.

it's like having 'demolition man' style sex.
it's all in the mind.
thats just about the most shocking thing - your mind's in control.

accept it.


nostalgia isn't what it was.

and moderation?

that's something i just can't have enough of!

life on this planet is full of contradictions.


as deeply and slowly as you can.

imagine yourself,
with each inhalation,
welling up with hope and life and love.

envisage yourself,
with each gentle exhalation,
eliminating anger,
fear resentment
all other poisonous feelings from your heart.

then, relax!

she: it's too early for wordplay, foolmaker!

me: dude.. i've had no sleep

she: oy vey

me: look at my face.. i look like SHIT!

she: you have some wierd growths under your eyes

me: whatcha talking about!?!?!

she: your eyelids gave birth to watermelons.. LOL



gastric cancer

he: I have a bad joke
me: sure.. go ahead!
he: what's an innuendo?
me: what?
he: an italian suppository

he's just too funny.

quote of the fucking century: (i laughed too hard when i read this)

He's not comfortable unless his lips are pressed against somebody's ass.


Jasplakinolide induces cell cycle pertubation and enhances apoptosis induction in the cytotoxic agent resistant K562 cells

umm. sure. i understand. (ekdum dil se hass rahi hoon)

a woman's orgasm lasts 13 seconds max..

everything after that is fake.

i dont exist in isolation.

there are times when i feel estranged from the people around me

as if i am imprisoned in some impenetrable emotional fortress.

i definitely am less sensitive than i'd like to be.

but that doesn't mean that i am without compassion or that i lack the ability to help others.

then sometimes, i feel as if i simply dont exist.

i dont exist.

my babies!

me again.

tummy? just a glimpse

cleavage? nah.

my eye.

Brian's pregnant with a waterbottle!

Brian with Boobs! LOL

Jen in my sari.. she's so pretty!

JK looks absolutely scary here, doesn't he?

Crazy M O'dea

Stress free riders on board! hah

Hunki Dori Lot?

Random guy near Arapahoe Basin

Crazy Frederick

Dave and Christian: getting it ON!

dave going crazy! (this was a few weeks ago)

with me..

..its always a fight to protect the integrity of
my own idea
my own vision
my own belief.

its always a fight, isn't it?

Puppetry of the Penis



>We meet once in a few years.
>Why do I think of you ever so often?

discombobulated connection?


i am trapped
a prisoner of the present
past and future
logic; merge
lost clouds of nebulae
of deployed postgres

i am trapped
in the present

powdered avalanche
sadistic queries

100 and 1/16s

high impact
14 degrees farenheit
seeps through
future and past

i am trapped
in this moment
in my present
a prisoner

its funny..

.. how something that seems vitally, crucially urgent, one moment, can seem totally irrelevant just a few hours (or sometimes even minutes) later.

its funny.

my horrorscope for today:

(Aug 24 - Sep 23)
It's amazing, sometimes, how two people can look at the same thing from the same angle and form two totally different impressions. Or how they can discuss the same matter - clearly and comprehensively, yet each recall deeply contrasting conclusions to the same conversation. Did someone really say what they claim to have said? Did you really say what you think you said? Or is there just one small misunderstanding which is somehow creating an unnecessarily large sense of disagreement?