Vatican issues 10 Commandments for drivers

heh funny.


interesting morning

s and i had set our alarms for 6:00am. his alarm goes off 15 seconds before mine does. and its the most irritating piece of music i hear every morning!

so it goes off. he wakes up and hits the snooze button. mine goes off. i trudge out of bed and walk all the way to the window to shut it off.

as i walk towards the bathroom, bleary-eyed and in an almost drunken-like stupor, i find myself tumbling back into bed, right into s's arms!

aah the warmth and comfort of the bed vs. s's morning breath.

i tried to not breathe... tried to turn my head away. didn't work. i ended up tossing and turning and cursing my boss. did i really want to go to work? could i have gotten away with working from home? je ne sais pas.

should i get out of bed or not? that was the $64,000 question.

i shut my eyes for about 30 seconds trying to squeeze another 10 minutes of sleep, when i heard and felt a thunderous roll toward me. and a few seconds later, felt this pain on my chest like someone hit me with a set of dumbbells. find myself being licked by a 70 pound puppy!

Kian makes my life easier. there was no way in hell i was going to get another 10 minutes of restless slumber. my decision was made for me.

and i know i've been bad about posting pictures, but its never too late. here's my 70 pounder 8 month old pup - Kian. i know i know he doesn't look like a puppy... but he still is. and an irritating, hyperactive, needy one at that!

so anyways, while i got into the bathroom and did my thing, s ended up wrestling kian on the bed... i could hear growls, barks, whines and laughter rolling in from the bedroom into the bathroom.

it put a smile on my face!

after i got out, the quiet in my house told me that kian and s are on their ritualistic male bonding walks! (whatever.)

the moment i got to the kitchen, the entire morning turned chaotic.

feed the cats.
feed the kitten.
feed the pup.

feed s.

make tea. make breakfast. pack our lunches. run to catch my shuttle to the train station. run to catch the train. run to get to the office on time.

all that running made me tired by 9am.

and now i'm sleep-blogging.



i'm selling an xbox 360.

like new
in perfect condition
used only once!

someone get this thing off my hands.
i don't even play games.

email me at foolmaker@gmail.com if you're interested.