back from a two month south african vacation. needless to say, i'd have prefered a different ending to the world cup final but i'm happy that the indian team got as far as it did.

congratulations are in order for the newly weds - balu and mamtha.

i missed you.

and watch out for some great pictures coming up soon.


i am softening, mellowing, deepening.
once, i would've been much harsher and sharper.
i would've cut more corners, broken more rules and ignored more warnings.
its not that i'm becoming cautious. its just that i'm growing more sensitive.
my ability to empathize is increasing and i'm better at keeping secrets than i used to be.
sometimes, i wonder if all of this is an indication of weakness ...


i was wondering.. if my every deed has an impact of some kind, what about my every thought? can i be sure, when i entertain an idea, that it is not somehow, causing a subtle shift in the energy of the cosmos somewhere? sinply by holding a notion in my mind i may be influencing the outcome of an event. what a responsibility. so er... am i supposed to police my own thoughts lest i inadvertently contemplate something inappropriate? i think the south african heat is getting to me!


how can i tell what’s really going on? i could be sorely mistaken. and appearances can be deceptive, can't they? so too can explanations. people seemingly love to confuse one another. they go out of their way to create artificial impressions. they do it in the way they dress and the way they speak. they call it “looking their best”. or “sounding persuasive.” deception is embedded in our culture.

this was the best thing i ever did! swinging from one tree to another.. yelling like i was tarzan.. gosh! i'd go back there anytime. and there are only two such tours in the world - one in south africa and the other in costa rica!