it isn't always easy to know quite how seriously to take some people. sometimes, jokes are delivered in a dead-pan manner. sometimes, important statements are made in a seemingly frivolous tone. i've been trying to work out how to read a particular person. i suspect i know what is really being said or suggested but i wonder if i can be sure?

all i ever want to do is “the right thing.” the trouble is, the left and right side of my brain rarely agree on what the right thing is. my idea of wonderfully right can be someone else's idea of terribly wrong. this is a point that’s often forgotten by people who have strong opinions. most feel that everyone really ought to agree with their point of view – for, clearly, it is right. but there is something very wrong about a world in which its people are not allowed to have their differences. ultimate rights and ultimate wrongs are very difficult to define.

durban is beautiful.. but every single damned place closes at 5pm. what bullshit. i'm really missing nyc now.


damned heat stroke! now i can't go to sun city :(



i'm off to south africa for the world cup cricket and will be back on march 3rd (hopefully ;) hehe) i won those damned ticket lotteries and wound up with tickets to the following matches :

  • india vs. pakistan
  • india vs. england
  • india vs. namibia
  • india vs. holland
  • australia vs. england

a childhood dream.. to see the little master in flesh and blood.. is finally coming true!


Names of some real towns

  1. Toad Suck, Arkansas
  2. Hot Coffee, Mississippi
  3. Spread Eagle, Wisconsin
  4. Frankenstein, Missouri
  5. Chicken, Alaska
  6. Fifty-Six, Arizona
  7. Knockemstiff, Ohio
  8. Rabbit Hash, Kentucky
  9. Happy Jack, Arizona
  10. Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

The Concorde was great. It travels at twice the speed of sound. Which is fun except you can't hear the movie until two hours after you land.

Howie Mandel


a drop
then a broken barrage
first on my nose
and onto my lips

water tastes funny
or a burnt toungue?

a trickle down my cheek
then onto my neck
its minus 7
the drops are warm!

my hair isn't wet
but i did walk
under the open sky

they cover my face
like a veil
i look beautiful
a flowing veil
of water

i must be blind
no color seen
by my eye
my veil is red
not white


start of a cat-fight:

did you dress yourself or did a thrift store throw up on you?


it’s easy to reach an agreement. all you have to do is suppress your strongly-held opinion and bite your lip each time a certain person says something.

when the going gets tough... the tough get philosophical. don't they say things like, “Oh well, at least I’m learning a big lesson for the future.” or, “This is helping me appreciate all the things I value.”