the word is essentially limited.
how can you ever describe the texture of a desire space constructed and inhabited?

but then, all words are similarly limited,
for they destroy the very thought that demands the words the moment a word comes
into existence to try and describe a thought..

thoughts are better left as nebulous clouds...
filtering them through a sieve of words is so pointless



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i'm just not in the mood today. and its not the monday morning blues.

i feel
worn out.

i've got no motivation.



this headache will kill me.


situation: betsy and i bought a cingular phone for the company.

location: outside the cingular store. waiting for a cab.

she: so i'm just so frustrated.. blah blah..

me: yeah i need to find a new job too. blah blah

*random guy in a baseball cap and sunglasses walks over to us*

randomguy: hello girls!

she and me: hi (a very suspicious hi)

randomguy: can you come over with me to Century21? i want to buy you girls some shoes!

for a moment, betsy and i were completely speechless! we didn't know what to say

she and me: NO!

randomguy: ok fine! *he just disappears*

and then we just burst out laughing so hard that people thought we were crazy!

that just brightened up our sad and miserable and frustrating morning.

hey randomguy, if you ever read this.. we know you're a psycho with a foot fetish, but thanks for the laughs. we needed it.


don't be afraid.

don't be apologetic
don't back down
don't back off
don't backtrack either.

better yet, don't dwell on the word 'don't'.

(thanks for your pearls of wisdom, j.)

a very happy birthday to my sweetheart!



'If it ain't broken, don't fix it.'

a good excuse for apathy and laziness.

i never free myself from trouble completely.


new cell phone saga:

i had bought this on march 30th, 2005.

i exchanged that phone for the very limited edition in black.

check it out here.

its sizzling hot in person.



some people have a fascination with complication.

it doesn't matter how straightforward the proposition is.. they soon find a way to make it long, involved and perplexing.


words are terribly important.

when people pick their phrases delicately and sensitively, they can make even the most unpalatable propositions seem acceptable.

but harsh and thoughtless statements can create resentment or opposition where none need exist.

so watch your words. please

acts of courage are much easier to describe than to carry out.

brave, decisive moves are almost invariably preceded by moments of deep doubt and intense anxiety.

on my starbucks cappucino cup this morning:

The Way I See It # 11

Why are we inspired by another person's courage? Maybe because it gives us the sweet and genuine surprise of discovering some trace, at least, of the same courage in ourselves.

-- Laurence Shames
Author of Florida Straits, Welcome to Paradise and The Naked Detective.


the trouble with being a perpetual teenager..

is that the older i get, the less other people feel inclined to believe that, somewhere, deep down within, i'm still just 17.

they mistake my mixture of petulant excitability for cantankerous authoritarianism.

and i, meanwhile, continue to see myself as a rebel even while performing extremely responsible tasks.

he: hey

me: hey

he: if you stop, and just listen

he: to all the typing,

he: it sounds like rain ;-)

he: its really weird

he: i remember when i was a kid at school,

he: i would stop and listen to all the people talking at the same time

he: and get really frightened

me: this is so weird!

he: yeah!


me: its creepy!

he: it frightens me

me: aww. do you need a hug? :-P

he: yeah. i do.

me: you're crazy

i miss him. he made life more bearable.

scientists say that a black hole in space is a gaping abyss: a swirling vortex that will absorb and annihilate all who fall in.

i see these astronomical anomalies as portals: doorways between dimensions.

and no. i'm not stoned out of my mind.

nice people get walked all over.

nice people get ripped off and pushed around.

nice people though, don't care.

nice people just enjoy being nice.


on my starbucks coffee cup this evening:

The Way I See It # 40

Antiques are props on the stage of life. They are tangible evidence of men and women's incredible journey through time.

-- Leigh & Leslie Keno
Antique experts and hosts of the PBS series Find!

was in india for a week. family emergency.