these days

we all suffer from information overload.

too many emails, texts and faxes.
too many websites, channels and stations.
everyone is trying to tell us something or sell us something.

in the midst of this, we have to deal with what truly matters. and then there are the interpersonal emotional messages.

the vibes,
the moods,
the subtle signals.

if time goes on forever, why do we all have so little of it? if space is infinite, why do we keep staring at the same old walls?


I am absofuckinglutely in love with animals.


the best part of my day yesterday:

a v-day card from the hedgie queen herself!


beaucoup love to cyn for such a beautiful card!

wow. what a v-day!

m was supposed to pick me up from my office at 7pm and then onwards to my favorite restaurant for dinner. (we're not very creative, you see).


being one of the last-minute shoppers, i left work at 6:10pm to look around SoHo for a suitable gift. walked in the bloody snow for more than an hour and then realized i was too far away to walk back quickly. couldn't find a cab or a subway close by... so started walking again.

all those who know me know that i hate walking. ugh.

anyways, met up with m at 7:45pm. and, oh my! pissed, he was.

as i got into the passenger side, saw this huge big bunch of orchids! pretty orchids for me! yay.

here comes the killer, the bloody car wouldn't start! battery was completely dead.

and my phone battery was dead too!

since we were parked 1/2 a block away from my office, i ran in to charge my cellphone and call the tow truck company.

waiting time = 45 mins
minimum charge = $85
finding another tow truck to give us a jump for $30 = priceless!

yeah. as we were walking back to the car, we found a tow truck stopped at the signal and asked if he'd give us a jump. "yeah, sure ma'am... 30 bucks, i'll take."

bless your soul, tow truck guy.

got the car started.

but now, both our tempers were fuming! we couldn't even talk to each other. and i said, lets just go on home...

we went home - hungry, cold and tired.

argued a bit and then decided to have dinner somewhere close to home.

now m was really craving Awash's Lega Tibs... hmmm yummy. and i was ready to kill for their Doro Wat.

m: want to head back into the city?
me: sure!

off we went. treading treacherous paths. braving the ice and the snow.

so we got into the city without much slipping and sliding...

ok the day wasn't completely wasted. yet.

and it got better! found a parking spot right in front of the restaurant!

our lucky day.

and Addis is the best waitress in town! she got us our food within 10 mins... and a really nice bottle of an italian red.

i had one glass and m finished the bloody bottle! he was drunk as hell by the time we were done with the main course!

so Addis stops by and suggests this home made carrot cake that she made from scratch. let me tell you something, that was the best carrot cake i ever had! (and i don't even have a sweet tooth)

and again, m was so drunk, he left Addis a $25 tip! it was her lucky day... hehe.

obviously, i drove home. managed to get back in one piece!

when i tucked m into bed, he mumbled something. i prodded him a bit and he yelled, "mummy, i don't want to go to school!"


something's really weird.





the word is essentially limited.
how can you ever describe the texture of a desire space constructed and inhabited?

but then, all words are similarly limited,
for they destroy the very thought that demands the words the moment a word comes
into existence to try and describe a thought..

thoughts are better left as nebulous clouds...
filtering them through a sieve of words is so pointless

my all time favorite: Beauty and the Beast