Turns out one of S's friends who S is very close with hates me. So I'd been asking why I'm so hated.

S's friend read my posts where I wrote about S's parents' visit and the horrible crap I went through. And the friend thought I was out of line and should've been more respectful. And because of that, he hates me.

So to that friend who forms opinions without getting to know who I am, here's what I have to say:

Mind your own business.


Off the market

June 10th, 2010:

I popped the question to my boyfriend. He said YES!

I'm now officially off the market. Feels weird. I have to document the whole experience soon...



i drink the dark and eat the light
for i am the moon's only child.

she caressed me like a mother would
and shone her light
for me to read books i should.

the horse neighs
the dog barks..
the sweet sound
i hear are of that
the lost lark's.

but the sunlight
and the warm bright
i cannot resist.

maybe, just maybe
i'ts because i don't exist.


In response to, "When are you getting married?"

Marriage might...
and would...
stultify my mental processes.

I'm not pivoted that way...
and so,
must I be chained in a kennel like a monk?

Max and I

Here we are. I'm obviously down a few drinks... when up walks Max and says, "I know you hate taking pictures, but you have to take one with me!"


roses are red
violets are blue
i'm schizophrenic
and so am i.


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love the clouds!

This picture was captured by Google Maps's Street view camera. This is near my building... I absolutely love the clouds.

Here is a close up of the same cloud formation and also an itty bitty view of downtown manhattan. There's a huge park to the right... where dogs, kiddies and adults come out to play :) and we do have a small stretch of beach (if you can call it that) where the dogs swim while we make sand castles.

I love my neighborhood.


Characteristics of the Child Abuse Survivor

  • Changes in behavior at school or at home. (withdrawal, inattentiveness, or other unusual behavior)
  • Sleep disturbances (insomnia, bed wetting, nightmares)
  • Unexplained and sudden fears
  • Loss of appetite
  • Excessive anger or reckless behavior
  • A new reluctance to spend time with certain people
  • A need for more reassurance than usual
  • Overwhelming knowledge of sexual behavior
  • Isolation from friends, limited participation in social activities
  • Depression
  • Drug or alcohol use
  • Chronic running away
  • Increase in physical complaints (miscellaneous illnesses)
  • Inappropriate attention-getting behavior
  • Suicide attempts
  • Self inflicted physical abuse (self-mutilation)
  • Poor self-esteem
  • Problems in school (missing class, grades)
  • Prostitution


sad sad story

I lost a childhood friend... I heard about it just today.

Gautami train inferno

I know I'm going to go home and pour over the old photo albums... reminiscing about all the wonderful years we had together as kids. We were neighbors, siblings, best friends for quite a few years. Hari was always a wonderful kid.

Yes there were times when I thought of him as an annoying little brother poking his nose in my business... or we ganging up on Nandini (his younger sister). I'll remember the time when I had, for the first time, proudly donned my cricket uniform to play in the women's leagues and all the ghastly things he had to say about that uniform (you're too muscular... you look FAT in it). And the time when we learned to ride a bicycle together (when we were really little kids).

We grew up. Moved apartments. Lost touch.

But I can assure you that that boy had the kindest heart in that entire family. He was a better
person than the rest of his family put together.

My thoughts are disjointed right now.

I have only one question:

Why do children have to pay for the mistakes of their parents?



July 24th, 2008:

I came home late last night… around 10:45pm. I met up with Drew and Lane for some one-on-one time with their dog and some quality time with them. We had a beer out in our parking lot while we chatted about everything – weed to weirdos!

On my way home, my tummy was creating a ruckus. Obviously! No food since the previous night.

As soon as I stepped inside the house, I saw that S was fast asleep on the couch and his parents were hanging around… I guess waiting for me. I got asked the usual questions “Why were you at work so late?” etc. I just grunted a polite response and went about my business.

I sat on the couch where S was sleeping and started to take off my sandals. S’s parents were there watching me sit on the same couch with S while I was un-strapping my sandals. I covered S with his blanket and then went to my room. His parents said good night and they went to their room.

I came out a few minutes later and was sneaking in my own kitchen looking for food! Obviously there was none. I mean, I’m not part of the family, right? Well, I had some leftovers that I had cooked 2 days prior. I just dove right into it. I didn’t even bother nuking it… I was hungry.

Anyways, I brought the food to the living room… switched on the TV to my favorite show and finished my food. When I cleared that away and came back to the couch, I saw that S was awake. He was still lying down… and asked me to sit with him for some time.

I propped my back against S's legs (he was lying down on the couch) and settled down to watch the end of the show.

Just as my luck would have it... S's father came out and saw me and S in that ‘oh so bad position’ and told S's mom. S was summoned to his parents’ room and I could hear them both yelling at him. His mom was saying "I sent you here to do your Masters... but it looks like you're busy doing something else" (LOL! Yes! Your son’s too busy doing me! OMG! I can’t believe I just said that!)

*just realized that the previous line has too many exclamation points and that combined with the OMG makes me sound like a dumb girly girl*

Anyways, they were freakin' out! It turned BAD.

How were we supposed to know S’s father would come out of the room? And I was just sitting!


After I went to bed, I heard them coming out of their room every 10 minutes to see if S was sleeping on the couch or not! I know this went on until 4:30am when I finally fell asleep!

I was rudely awakened by the doors opening and closing and all the noise they were making at 5:30am!


I just dragged myself out of bed and got ready… took the dog out and came to work early!

American Maid Servant – Part Two

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008:

I woke up at 4:30am with a very high fever. Checked my temperature and couldn’t believe it was 102. At times like this, I wish I didn’t have to climb down the ladder of my loft bed.

I somehow managed to stumble down… find my way to the medicine cabinet and pop 2 Advil in my mouth.

At 7:45am, I’m still burning up… I text S and let him know that I’m sick… but maybe I should go to work as I’ll get more rest at work than at home. S assures me that he’ll let his parents know that I’m sick sick sick and not to disturb me.

Phew! I’m thinking maybe I can get a good day’s rest.

I zone out and then I start hearing shhh shh noises. I’m still teetering on the edge of reality and dreams… and I finally figure out what’s going on. S’s mom was washing dishes and every time she made a loud noise, S’s dad would say shhh shhh.

This went on for a while!

I couldn’t find my ear plugs so I cover my head with the pillow and the blanket and try to fall back to sleep. Alas, I knew I couldn’t. Finally I looked at the clock… 9:45am. FUCK.

Again, I slowly manage to get my feet on the ladder and climb down. I walk to the kitchen and they start bombarding me with questions – “Are you sick?” “You don’t look sick!”

S’s mom asks me if I’d like some breakfast and I politely declined and said that I’d just like some coffee.

I take the coffee back to my room and try to NOT gulp it down.

I come back in the living room at 10:15am to find S’s dad ironing his shirt on the dining table. I try to quietly put my coffee mug in the kitchen and sneak back to my room. But! S’s dad starts asking me how to work the iron… how to iron etc.

I gave up any thought of r-n-r.

I told them that I was going to put on this really nice Indian movie… they should sit and watch it while I’d finish ironing his shirt.

They settled down on the couch… while I settled down to iron. I sprayed starch on the shirt and did a good job (the way I was taught), hung up the shirt in the closet and went back to my room for a break.

I come out 10 minutes later to find S’s dad ironing another shirt… he then starts to grumble about how he can’t iron like I do… how ironing is an art and I’m talented at it! *rolls eyes*

I was like “fine! I’ll do it!”

I start to iron the other shirt and watch the movie. While this is going on, S’s dad disappears into the closet and comes back out with the following:

5 of his tshirts
3 of his pants
2 more shirts of his
3 of S’s pants
2 of S’s shirts

Holy mother! WTF!

I really didn’t even have the energy to tell him that I’m really really sick and I really can’t do it. So basically I ended up ironing from 10:15am to 1:25pm. And yes! I was watching the clock… cursing myself for not going into the office.

After that, we had lunch and I cleared the table, cleaned the kitchen did the dishes. They went to the bedroom for their afternoon siesta and I crashed on the couch grateful to be in the horizontal position!

I barely got a half hour rest when my friend walks through the door. This is the guy who’s been crashing at my place. I ask him to take me to the pet boutique and BJs to buy cat food and litter.

We head out… get everything… meet S at the apartment and I hand over everything to the boys. I then go to my bar to get some rest! Can you believe that?

And yes, I’m still sick. Ugh.


New Day. New Drama.

I had a busy day at work yesterday. It was good to be so immersed in my work that I barely had time to think about anything else.

I got to my favorite bar (close to home) around 7pm, ordered a beer and was reading my book. S was supposed to take his parents to the mall. So I texted him letting him know that I’m at the bar and to please text me back when they leave for the mall.

Around 8pm, who do I see walking up to my table? S!

I was shocked and pleasantly surprised to see him. I’ve been missing him a lot lately even though I do see him every day. There’s a very perfunctory hello/hi/hey that we tell each other every night when I get home. I miss our conversations about work, dalai lama, ho chi minh city, all the random stuff we talk about every day. I miss curling up on the couch with him and fighting for the remote!

Oh well.

He sits right by me and I realized how much I love him. But at that point in time, I think I was more in love with food! I place an order for the spiciest buffalo wings, steak fries, a bass ale for him and a blue moon for me. I knew he had to go but he said he’d take his parents to the mall the next day.

Just as we started to attack the food, his parents call him at 8:45pm! He ignores it. We continue talking and eating and his parents call him again at 9pm!

That was it! I wanted to pull my hair out!

I told him to answer the goddamn phone. Well, they started grilling him about where he was, why was he not at home, when would he come back home, yada yada. He said he was out with a friend (since I was supposed to be at work) and would come home in 10-15 mins.

Finally, we get home at 11:15. A friend of mine, who’s staying over with us for a few days, was awake. And S’s parents were holed up in the bedroom. I knew they weren’t sleeping because the light was still on.

S and I ate some more food at home and finally called it a night around 1am.

This morning, when I woke up, I realize that there’s no one at home except my friend. The first thing he says is “Good Morning! You missed all the drama!”.

I rolled my eyes and said “Now what?”

So he said that S’s mom was crying in the morning yelling S “You said you will come back home in 10 minutes and you didn’t yesterday ... you didn’t have the courtesy to call us either!”

S said, “Sorry Ma ... didn’t think it would take that long. If I’m going somewhere, I will let you know! I met a friend of mine, and we got talking and I didn’t look at the time! And it was late anyways ... so the mall would be closed by then.”

His mom then says “We are at home all day, the only time we get to go anywhere is when you come home ... and you don’t even want to do that! and you don’t even tell us where you go!”

WTF is she talking about? He’ll be running a fever, dead tired from work and he comes home and takes them out every friggin’ day! It’s not like they’re stranded. They know how to get around the city. They can go if they want… but they’re possessive! They don’t want to leave him for one second! Bloody buggering idiots.

My friend also told me that they technically went to bed at 9:30… but they were coming outside and opening the apartment entrance door every 10 minutes to see if S had come or not!

The worst part about this whole thing is that I had been telling S to go home since 8:30. I knew his parents would be upset and worried if they didn’t see him around. But he didn’t want to go. He wanted to spend time with me. And now, the poor guy has to deal with all this drama.

Oh well, let’s see what new drama this evening will bring.