heard this somewhere

jinhe ulfat ki khushiyaan mil sake
woh shaukh se le ley

humein choddo
hum apni kismat aazma baithey


long days.

and even longer nights.



read is some book..

People were a hazard to the damn human race.

random conversation.

he: : I should have bought a house. I just don't have the: down-payme: nt

me: : i want to buy a house too

he: : let's buy one togethe: r! so I can say "MAKE ME: A SANDWICH, WOMAN!"

me: : right! and the: n i'll sandwich your balls and feed the: m to you!

he: : careful, you might excite me: (sorry, but you were asking for that) I'm very sensitive about my balls.

me: : LOL

he: : Because my balls tend to be very sensitive.

he: : Riding on those badly padded me: tro-north seats for a year didn't do me: any good.

he: : Ever stop to think how really ridiculous the: male genetalia really are?

me: : not really.. he: h.

he: : Wome: n's genetalia are very subtle, ours aren't - maybe that's why our personalities are so different

he: : The: penis is like a python with no conscience

he: : Living next door are two guys who are never satisfied with the: temperature (it's too hot, it's too cold)

he: : Wome: n's ovaries produce all the: ir eggs before the: woman is born - so the: re's no need to change the: oven temperature.

me: : oh god *rolls eyes*

he: : well its true


Love one another but make not a bond of love; let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.

--from The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran


can be deep and complex.



another late night at work :(


i'll get you. don't try to act too smart with me.

many, like you, have come and gone.. and if you don't behave, you're history too!


on my starbucks coffee cup today:

The Way I See it #23

Chances are you are scared of fictions. Chances are you are only fleetingly happy. Chances are you know much less than you think you do. Chances are you feel a little guilty. Chances are you want people to lie to you. Perhaps the answer lies on the side of a coffee cup. You are lost.

--David Cross
Comedian, writer, actor.

i find myself

living from day to day.

i take pleasure in whatever good comes my way. i try not to dwell on what seems bad.

in the absence of any permanent sense of security, i try and seek solace in the temporary comforts that are offered to me.

lately though, i've been thinking about the need to place a bigger part of my life on a firmer foundation.

am i getting over-ambitious?


bible quote of the day

Feb 08 11:00AM
Fr: Bible Quote
The Lord shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace. (Exo 14:14)


can i go home now?


code freeze.

how hard is that for people to understand?!

fuck. i'm still at work.


another long long day at work. hope i get to go home early.

you, listen:

you think this world is in a mess?

you don't know the half of it, honey!

i often dream of being invisible.

what fun it'd be to wander unseen through the world, getting up to mischief without being caught.

i love early morning

conference calls!

hope this doesn't last till 4am!



excuse me.

i'm going home.

its friggin' 1:45AM on a sunday night. i need a life.



i feel i already do...

but there are leaks in the bucket of my self-confidence.

in trying too hard..

to prepare for all eventualities, i fence myself in so tightly as to give serendipity no point of entry into my world.


he: valentine's day is around the corner.

me: aah. true love is not always quite as simple and superficial as mills and boon would like us to believe.

he: there are times when i wish that i could understand more about my other half and vice versa.. why do people we love annoy us so much sometimes? why do i offend people?

me: that's love. you can't win in love.

i thought i misplaced it
or maybe lost it
or maybe it wandered of..

and then i opened my closet

to find my smile waiting.

Non est ad astra mollis e terris via.

old Latin saying: There is no easy way from the earth to the stars.

Hannibal - Thomas Harris

We assign a moment to decision, to dignify the process as a timely result of rational and conscious thought. But decisions are made of kneaded feelings; they are more often a lump than a sum.


so much work.. i don't know why i pay rent anymore.. i should be living in my office!

and now another business trip :(

atleast its to a place i love.



my world
may not be
an ideal world

but ideal things
still happen

and my life
may not be

but i
do know
what a

perfect moment

feels like.

two year anniversary

i've been at upoc for two years now.

ups and downs.
performance reviews and promotions.
drama and desperation and a whole lot of doodie watching.
friends and foes and friends-turned-foes.
tears and tantrums.

and a whole lot of joy!

It is one thing to make a fool of yourself - quite another to let someone else make you look foolish.

i dont exist in isolation.

there are times when i feel estranged from the people around me

as if i am imprisoned in some impenetrable emotional fortress.

i definitely am less sensitive than i'd like to be.

but that doesn't mean that i am without compassion or that i lack the ability to help others.

then sometimes, i feel as if i simply dont exist.

i dont exist.