sad sad story

I lost a childhood friend... I heard about it just today.

Gautami train inferno

I know I'm going to go home and pour over the old photo albums... reminiscing about all the wonderful years we had together as kids. We were neighbors, siblings, best friends for quite a few years. Hari was always a wonderful kid.

Yes there were times when I thought of him as an annoying little brother poking his nose in my business... or we ganging up on Nandini (his younger sister). I'll remember the time when I had, for the first time, proudly donned my cricket uniform to play in the women's leagues and all the ghastly things he had to say about that uniform (you're too muscular... you look FAT in it). And the time when we learned to ride a bicycle together (when we were really little kids).

We grew up. Moved apartments. Lost touch.

But I can assure you that that boy had the kindest heart in that entire family. He was a better
person than the rest of his family put together.

My thoughts are disjointed right now.

I have only one question:

Why do children have to pay for the mistakes of their parents?


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