Wilfred is the BEST!

Yesterday, I was hanging out with my colleagues, Wilfred and Ari, in our café.

So just to bug Ari, I said “Yo Ari! Wanna peel me an orange?” And he says “No!” :(

Wilfred then asks why I asked Ari to peel me an orange. I say “Free Willy (which is what I call him), I HATE peeling oranges… but I LOVE eating them!”

Today, I walk by Wilfred’s desk and glance over longingly at the beautiful, succulent orange sitting on his desk. After meeting with another colleague, I get back to my desk and get a HUGE surprise.

Wilfred peeled two oranges, put them in a huge bowl and brought them to me along with a fork and napkins!


I can’t believe how sweet he is!

I used to be his boss (a long time ago) and I know there were times I was a bitch to him (not without reason). But still, he doesn’t hate me. He said he loved me since the first day when I interviewed him for his current position… me in all my glorious vampire costume (he did come in for an interview on Halloween!).

Well there we go. What a beautiful gift. To be loved by people so much that they peel me oranges.

*sniff sniff*


At June 27, 2008 at 12:42 AM , Blogger Chet Of The Undead said...


ORANGE you glad you have such a nifty Wilfred friend?

(nyuck nyuck! ;) )



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