American Maid Servant – Part Two

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008:

I woke up at 4:30am with a very high fever. Checked my temperature and couldn’t believe it was 102. At times like this, I wish I didn’t have to climb down the ladder of my loft bed.

I somehow managed to stumble down… find my way to the medicine cabinet and pop 2 Advil in my mouth.

At 7:45am, I’m still burning up… I text S and let him know that I’m sick… but maybe I should go to work as I’ll get more rest at work than at home. S assures me that he’ll let his parents know that I’m sick sick sick and not to disturb me.

Phew! I’m thinking maybe I can get a good day’s rest.

I zone out and then I start hearing shhh shh noises. I’m still teetering on the edge of reality and dreams… and I finally figure out what’s going on. S’s mom was washing dishes and every time she made a loud noise, S’s dad would say shhh shhh.

This went on for a while!

I couldn’t find my ear plugs so I cover my head with the pillow and the blanket and try to fall back to sleep. Alas, I knew I couldn’t. Finally I looked at the clock… 9:45am. FUCK.

Again, I slowly manage to get my feet on the ladder and climb down. I walk to the kitchen and they start bombarding me with questions – “Are you sick?” “You don’t look sick!”

S’s mom asks me if I’d like some breakfast and I politely declined and said that I’d just like some coffee.

I take the coffee back to my room and try to NOT gulp it down.

I come back in the living room at 10:15am to find S’s dad ironing his shirt on the dining table. I try to quietly put my coffee mug in the kitchen and sneak back to my room. But! S’s dad starts asking me how to work the iron… how to iron etc.

I gave up any thought of r-n-r.

I told them that I was going to put on this really nice Indian movie… they should sit and watch it while I’d finish ironing his shirt.

They settled down on the couch… while I settled down to iron. I sprayed starch on the shirt and did a good job (the way I was taught), hung up the shirt in the closet and went back to my room for a break.

I come out 10 minutes later to find S’s dad ironing another shirt… he then starts to grumble about how he can’t iron like I do… how ironing is an art and I’m talented at it! *rolls eyes*

I was like “fine! I’ll do it!”

I start to iron the other shirt and watch the movie. While this is going on, S’s dad disappears into the closet and comes back out with the following:

5 of his tshirts
3 of his pants
2 more shirts of his
3 of S’s pants
2 of S’s shirts

Holy mother! WTF!

I really didn’t even have the energy to tell him that I’m really really sick and I really can’t do it. So basically I ended up ironing from 10:15am to 1:25pm. And yes! I was watching the clock… cursing myself for not going into the office.

After that, we had lunch and I cleared the table, cleaned the kitchen did the dishes. They went to the bedroom for their afternoon siesta and I crashed on the couch grateful to be in the horizontal position!

I barely got a half hour rest when my friend walks through the door. This is the guy who’s been crashing at my place. I ask him to take me to the pet boutique and BJs to buy cat food and litter.

We head out… get everything… meet S at the apartment and I hand over everything to the boys. I then go to my bar to get some rest! Can you believe that?

And yes, I’m still sick. Ugh.


At July 25, 2008 at 3:33 PM , Blogger Annie said...

ooh, i'm so sorry that u had to work inspite of being at home...but i thought dad was really cute and not to say smart! one thing i learnt, always act like u r a novice, though u r pro in reality.....not always though!

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