July 24th, 2008:

I came home late last night… around 10:45pm. I met up with Drew and Lane for some one-on-one time with their dog and some quality time with them. We had a beer out in our parking lot while we chatted about everything – weed to weirdos!

On my way home, my tummy was creating a ruckus. Obviously! No food since the previous night.

As soon as I stepped inside the house, I saw that S was fast asleep on the couch and his parents were hanging around… I guess waiting for me. I got asked the usual questions “Why were you at work so late?” etc. I just grunted a polite response and went about my business.

I sat on the couch where S was sleeping and started to take off my sandals. S’s parents were there watching me sit on the same couch with S while I was un-strapping my sandals. I covered S with his blanket and then went to my room. His parents said good night and they went to their room.

I came out a few minutes later and was sneaking in my own kitchen looking for food! Obviously there was none. I mean, I’m not part of the family, right? Well, I had some leftovers that I had cooked 2 days prior. I just dove right into it. I didn’t even bother nuking it… I was hungry.

Anyways, I brought the food to the living room… switched on the TV to my favorite show and finished my food. When I cleared that away and came back to the couch, I saw that S was awake. He was still lying down… and asked me to sit with him for some time.

I propped my back against S's legs (he was lying down on the couch) and settled down to watch the end of the show.

Just as my luck would have it... S's father came out and saw me and S in that ‘oh so bad position’ and told S's mom. S was summoned to his parents’ room and I could hear them both yelling at him. His mom was saying "I sent you here to do your Masters... but it looks like you're busy doing something else" (LOL! Yes! Your son’s too busy doing me! OMG! I can’t believe I just said that!)

*just realized that the previous line has too many exclamation points and that combined with the OMG makes me sound like a dumb girly girl*

Anyways, they were freakin' out! It turned BAD.

How were we supposed to know S’s father would come out of the room? And I was just sitting!


After I went to bed, I heard them coming out of their room every 10 minutes to see if S was sleeping on the couch or not! I know this went on until 4:30am when I finally fell asleep!

I was rudely awakened by the doors opening and closing and all the noise they were making at 5:30am!


I just dragged myself out of bed and got ready… took the dog out and came to work early!


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