New Day. New Drama.

I had a busy day at work yesterday. It was good to be so immersed in my work that I barely had time to think about anything else.

I got to my favorite bar (close to home) around 7pm, ordered a beer and was reading my book. S was supposed to take his parents to the mall. So I texted him letting him know that I’m at the bar and to please text me back when they leave for the mall.

Around 8pm, who do I see walking up to my table? S!

I was shocked and pleasantly surprised to see him. I’ve been missing him a lot lately even though I do see him every day. There’s a very perfunctory hello/hi/hey that we tell each other every night when I get home. I miss our conversations about work, dalai lama, ho chi minh city, all the random stuff we talk about every day. I miss curling up on the couch with him and fighting for the remote!

Oh well.

He sits right by me and I realized how much I love him. But at that point in time, I think I was more in love with food! I place an order for the spiciest buffalo wings, steak fries, a bass ale for him and a blue moon for me. I knew he had to go but he said he’d take his parents to the mall the next day.

Just as we started to attack the food, his parents call him at 8:45pm! He ignores it. We continue talking and eating and his parents call him again at 9pm!

That was it! I wanted to pull my hair out!

I told him to answer the goddamn phone. Well, they started grilling him about where he was, why was he not at home, when would he come back home, yada yada. He said he was out with a friend (since I was supposed to be at work) and would come home in 10-15 mins.

Finally, we get home at 11:15. A friend of mine, who’s staying over with us for a few days, was awake. And S’s parents were holed up in the bedroom. I knew they weren’t sleeping because the light was still on.

S and I ate some more food at home and finally called it a night around 1am.

This morning, when I woke up, I realize that there’s no one at home except my friend. The first thing he says is “Good Morning! You missed all the drama!”.

I rolled my eyes and said “Now what?”

So he said that S’s mom was crying in the morning yelling S “You said you will come back home in 10 minutes and you didn’t yesterday ... you didn’t have the courtesy to call us either!”

S said, “Sorry Ma ... didn’t think it would take that long. If I’m going somewhere, I will let you know! I met a friend of mine, and we got talking and I didn’t look at the time! And it was late anyways ... so the mall would be closed by then.”

His mom then says “We are at home all day, the only time we get to go anywhere is when you come home ... and you don’t even want to do that! and you don’t even tell us where you go!”

WTF is she talking about? He’ll be running a fever, dead tired from work and he comes home and takes them out every friggin’ day! It’s not like they’re stranded. They know how to get around the city. They can go if they want… but they’re possessive! They don’t want to leave him for one second! Bloody buggering idiots.

My friend also told me that they technically went to bed at 9:30… but they were coming outside and opening the apartment entrance door every 10 minutes to see if S had come or not!

The worst part about this whole thing is that I had been telling S to go home since 8:30. I knew his parents would be upset and worried if they didn’t see him around. But he didn’t want to go. He wanted to spend time with me. And now, the poor guy has to deal with all this drama.

Oh well, let’s see what new drama this evening will bring.


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