situation: betsy and i bought a cingular phone for the company.

location: outside the cingular store. waiting for a cab.

she: so i'm just so frustrated.. blah blah..

me: yeah i need to find a new job too. blah blah

*random guy in a baseball cap and sunglasses walks over to us*

randomguy: hello girls!

she and me: hi (a very suspicious hi)

randomguy: can you come over with me to Century21? i want to buy you girls some shoes!

for a moment, betsy and i were completely speechless! we didn't know what to say

she and me: NO!

randomguy: ok fine! *he just disappears*

and then we just burst out laughing so hard that people thought we were crazy!

that just brightened up our sad and miserable and frustrating morning.

hey randomguy, if you ever read this.. we know you're a psycho with a foot fetish, but thanks for the laughs. we needed it.


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