My horoscope for 05/18/01!

(Aug 24 - Sep 23)
"...and as finally, their lips touched for the first time, a sense of electric tension pulsed through them. Slowly their passionate..." Oops. Sorry. I was reading a book. Its time for your forecast now isn't it. Hmmmm. Virgo. Let me think. A spot of romance perhaps? Er... well... I suppose nothing's impossible but I'd best not make that the focus of my forecast. Hmmm. Oh I know. Got it. There is no storybook romance in store this weekend. But then actually, that's only what you think you want. You're about to get what you really want. Believe me, that's better.

wish i did get this weekend my stars promise me of..

it's high time i got something like this.

but i definitely know i am not going to get what i really want.. my wants are too far away to be mine.


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