woo hoo.

ma and i got a makeover.. for the first time.. at this cool salon!

oh lord there's so much i don't know... especially when it comes to makeup.

i'm zilch.

the only thing i use is powder and lipstick.

that's all i know to use.

but this lady did wonders today (I felt flattered with all those compliments i was receiving)..

we also realized a few things:

ma doesn't need makeup as it makes her skin look dull and old.. and also she's allergic to it..

i can do without makeup.. but a lil wouldn't hurt. he he he.. it flatters my skin.. and i'm not allergic!!

so ma ended up buying me the whole set!!

wow! i love ma.

and i wanted to do something special for her for mother's day.

all i can do is get her her favorite flower (a single stem) and say i love you.



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