some interesting things happened at the Waldorf-Astoria.

walked in to register.. and felt multiple pairs of eyes looking at me..
some stares were warm
some were blatantly jealous
and some were appreciative

got my *badge* (she couldn't call it a name tag)..

so i was just in time to hear one of my favorite companies' CEO.

found a seat in the last row!
(d a r n)

not that i'm a first-bencher in school.

anyways lord! what an experience! what a personality.. what presence.. what a voice.. damn he's good.

i want to be like him.

at the end of the presentation, he answers the questions asked by the audience. then when almost everybody has left the hall..

i walk up to him
introduce myself
let him know i'm an undergrad
tell him i want to learn about the company, industry and technology
ask him his business card
(which he gave me almost instantly)
asked him for a copy of his presentation with the financials of the company
thanked him
walked away
without looking back.

left the place with my friend.. had some lunch.. drank some sparkling water.. (there was nothing else left).. and then grabbed some copies of the agenda.. and started walking towards the lobby to exit the hotel.

and who do we see?

the ceo. he was walking up the stairs and we were walking down.

he: hey gives me this great smile.. waves his hand while turning his head to look at me.

me: hey return that smile with equal enthusiasm.. and look straight into his eyes.

no no. i was not flirting with him because i respect his knowledge, his experience, his position.

i do not flirt with people i respect.

that's just not me.


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