arjun, as per your request: gravedance revisited.


in the cemetery
white as a ghost
i feel the may heat
though buried to my soul.

sheets of rain
and then it pours
wash away the dirt
from fresh mounds.

bones unveiled
some flesh too
the rain glued wings
and then the soul flew.

the thunderous clouds
do make a beautiful gray
they did bid me adieu
as they made way

for those rays of sunshine
that sweep the cemetery
and purge the souls
to set them free.

i wait patiently
with arms open wide
and i look around
quite surprised
i find not an ounce of shade
nor a tree in sight.

why is there no rain on me?
i wish to bathe in its holiness.
no rays of sunshine do i see
and i want to ask for forgiveness.

and i do want my soul set free.

and i've been gone for long
so why does no tombstone exist?
i shiver and shudder and realize
for i don't exist.


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