q: what do you get when freak a.k.a foolmaker gets tipsy?
a: rant.

freak: but i've been thinking a lot about life.. and how we strive to achieve happines.. and then i started thinking about happiness.. what it actually means to me. and the conclusion was very very shocking for me
rako: maybe we oughta get married or something.
rako: what was the conclusion ?
freak: i think i told you this earlier.. but happiness (to me) is nothing but a bland waxy state of being.. and we really want to be in because of peer pressure of a certain sort. every one in this world strives to be happy... and its kind of instilled into us that its important to have that ever glowing smile.. and that semblance of happiness in our lives. which is bullshit. i'm not trying to be pessimistic.. i'm just trying to understand why we really strive to achieve happiness.. and why we feel like losers when we're content .. but not "happy".
rako: what is your definition of happiness?
freak: my definition of happiness.. well how can i define something that is nothing but a mirage?

Note: names changed to protect identity.


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