me: dude.. i feel so much love in my heart today.. its rainy and cloudy outside.. but there's this sort of warm sun-shiny feeling in my heart.. and i feel this peace and joy and i just want to hug everybody! LOL i must be out of my mind

he: wtf is wrong with you

me: i dont know heh

he: do you want me to kick some sense back into you?

he: cuz i will

me: i'm doing my work.. and i've completed so much shit already

he: its cuz yer hot shit

me: you kick my ass.. and in return.. you get a BIG bear hug from me

he: lol

he: wtf is your problem!

me: hey.. i'm just having a GREAT day.. smiles are in the air.. and so is spring

he: dude

he: im gonna hit you

he: you are too happy

he: !@#$!@#


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