"How are you?"
"Fine, thank you. How are you??"

with this empty greeting, we ritually begin each meeting. no wonder often we say nothing at all of any value. do we really tell each other what we really feel - or how we really are? nah. why? because its not really expected of us. no one really truly wants to know that you feel like crap today - you barely got enough sleep; the alarm went off an hour earlier; etc. the request to know how you are is so hollow. but then, so is our reply. how can there be any meaningful communication without a genuine exchange? i know not. to be honest, i'm beginning to grow tired of this pretence. i no longer feel inclined to assume that something is ok when it doesn't look ok.. nor to i feel like putting on a mask which says "hey world! here's the ever-so-happy me!" when, in reality, i feel like shit.

so what am i supposed to do?

uh oh. are we still missing tisha asher?


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