Often these days, I think about my life. I get cranky with myself for not accomplishing what I've been wanting to, for trying to find easy routes, for not taking advantage of the opportunites that rarely come my way. I get irritated and angry at all the things I'm unable to do. Valid, as these points are, so are they misleading. What I dont often realise is I get so whorled up things i'm not doing, I forget to enjoy the things I do get to do.


Its the simple things that bring me joy now.
When I can get up from the couch without wincing, I smile.
whoa! I carried my books and walked a block to class!
I filled up an 8x11 with words (albeit out of context), I walked out of the exam a happier person. And I was sure I didn't get even a single correct answer.
I was feeling triumphant because I could use my hand to write.

I've just realized how much I take my body for granted.


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