I found my twin (ableit a few years younger).

Actually believes the world could be a beautiful place, if only everyone saw things her way.
Just ask her - she'll nearly deafen you with her point of view and style. Her secret plan is to
run away from Marbello Bay and become an actress; the money sounds about right, and, for
Tisha, the further away the better. Not a town girl.

Money, right about now, sounds real good and town is definitely not where I belong. Not that I live in a town.. Well, then again, Highland Park could pass off as a town.. with one Stop&Shop, one RiteAid, a Cyclery.. and many quaint little shops. But then again, it is right across the river (about 1/2mile) from the university. Mostly, postgrads live in Highland Park. College students storm in and out of the place.. is it right to call Highland Park a town? Maybe.. maybe not.


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