Top Twenty Thinnest Books:
  1. How to Please a Woman
    by John Bobbitt
  2. My Plan to Find the Real Killers
    by O. J. Simpson
  3. All the Men I Have Loved Before
    by Ellen DeGeneres
  4. The Book of Virtues
    by Bill Clinton
  5. Things I Love About Bill
    by Hillary Clinton
  6. Things I Cannot Afford
    by Bill Gates
  7. Things I Would Not Do for Money
    by Dennis Rodman
  8. The Wild Years
    by Al Gore
  9. My Life's Memories
    by Ronald Reagan
  10. A Collection of Motivational Speeches
    by Dr. J. Kervorkian
  11. How to Land a Plane at Martha's Vineyard
    by JFK, Jr
  12. Detroit
    A Travel Guide

  13. Mike Tyson's Guide to Dating Etiquette

  14. The Amish Phone Directory

  15. The Engineers Guide to Fashion

  16. Everything Men Know About Women

  17. Everything Women Know About Men

  18. Career Opportunities for the Liberal Arts Major

  19. Different Ways to Spell Bob

  20. America's Most Popular Lawyers


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