guy: do u love him because he loves u?
girl: i loved him the first time i saw him. tall and lanky.. with those innocent eyes. he hadn't even seen me then.. i couldn't breathe.. it took me 15 minutes before i could gather courage to walk up and say hi. he wasn't impatient.. but he was worried. and he knew i was always punctual. and when he first saw me walk through the door.. i guess he knew it was me.. he walked in long strides.. with his left hand in his slack pocket.. his smile warmed my heart. everything else around me was a blurr.. except him. black slacks.. dull olive green jcrews.. and those adorable set of modo's balanced on his nose, trying to hide those big brown eyes.. and i, like a bum, give out my hand, for a shake.. and he takes it.. and says "being formal doesn't really suit you".. then he gives me this big hug..
i almost cried. he was so comforting. he did compliment my smile.


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