Holi Hai! :-)

the good:

* playing with color.

* getting evil.. trying to find the best color in town (best color = one that doesn't wash off for days).

* catching people by surprise.

* painting people's teeth with a gold colored paste.. face with a black paste.. rubbing color all over the body (while they try and fight me).
* filling balloons with colored water and thrashing the boys with it (finally, revenge for adam teasing!)

* laughing at how weird people look when covered from head to toe in blue/red/yellow/black/silver/gold/purple.

* squirting colored water on passers-by with powerful water pistons.

* food! great yummy food. especially after all that mischief.

* laughing at colored people the next day.

the bad part:

* the color will not wash off for days. so have to get up, not look in the mirror and go to work/school etc with a rare mix of blak/yellow/red/pink skin.. gold/silver hair.. pink/black/purple teeth. yikes! and the more color you had on you after Holi, the more people want to talk to you - overnight stardom. but you did get laughed at a lot too.

* getting awful colors rubbed on teeth, face, hair, skin, back of ears, tip of nose, eye brows.
* getting hit with color-filled water balloons is not fun. it stings.

* those damn pistons that squirt colored water on you never miss their target - even the eyes start to look red!

* looking at yourself in the mirror the day after does no good for your self-esteem. some people look pretty - even when they're blue/red/yellow/black/silver/gold/purple in color!

* some of the colors sting your skin/eyes. a burning sensation that wont go even after you apply wallops of jergens.

* you end up having color treated hair (more color = less hair).

* getting yelled at by mom for participating in this monkey business (she never did like this color festival - thought it was too stupid and harmful).

i still miss it. but i wouldn't play with colors anymore.. maybe some water, but definitely not colors.


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