the past year has been bad for many people.. in many different ways - work, love, education etc. but what's weird is that i noticed this tension and nervousness more so in people in their early to mid twenties. and trying to find the answer to that question has been of utmost priority to me (especially because i'm going through a similar phase).

i have a theory: we feel this anxiety because we're facing the first recession of our lifetime.

does that make any sense? to me it does.

early 2000, people were over-joyous about their jobs, careers and hence, love, life in general. then the Q-4 results started rolling in like a big, black thunderous cloud. after which, everydamnthing got rained on. and since most of us are freshly out of school or graduating seniors eager to rock the world with our (now drenched) enthusiasm, we know not what to make of our frizzed out dreams. reality slapped us right across our pretty faces and the enthusiasm dwindled to a nervous laugh.

i guess we are now officially learning about life.. and reality.


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