Wednesday, 27th February 2002

To have the Moon full in your sign is to have a cosmic spotlight shining down on you. It is to feel exposed, vulnerable and as if you have no hiding place. Put your best foot forward bravely. You cannot postpone an important engagement. Nor can you put off a much needed conversation. But you have nothing to be ashamed of - indeed you have everything to be proud of. So why should you worry about the way you are now attracting so much attention. See yourself as strong and you will be strong - and you will start to get excellent results.

Yes. I am feeling vulnerable.. weak.. tired. And I am tired of putting on a strong front when, in actuality, I need to lean on someone... I need someone to be strong for me. But that's not going to happen. So I'll be my own strength.

Here are the MRI results:

  1. Straightening of the Lordosis suggest muscular spasms.
  2. Bulging of the Intervertebral disc at L4-L5.

Those are 2 of the many reasons that is making me suffer this much. The main and most important reason seems to be a nerve. My doctor has ordered me to see a neurologist. And one of the tests the neurologist will perform is where he'll prick me with many many needles.. similar to accupuncture.

Can you see how excited and eager I am? Truly speaking, I am looking forward to it (despite my fear of needles) because the pain caused by the needles will be way more tolerable than the pain I am suffering right now.

Yesterday (Tuesday) was probably the worst day I have had in a long time. I woke up with the intention of going to the doctor. I was eager to get out of bed because I was very very hungry and it was 10 am. But the moment I put my foot on the floor, I had this searing pain running through my right leg. I passed out. I opened my eyes at 11 am. I could barely manage to walk to the bathroom. A quick shower might do me good.. or so I thought. My left leg gave way in the shower and I collapsed!

The first thing I did was to get some food in me and take my medicines. Whoa! what a difference. I even managed to make myself some goodies with the super strength the medicines gave me :)

I didn't go in for physiotherapy today. Because I couldn't even walk down to the lobby of my building, leave alone driving. I just crashed on the couch.. all drugged up from the pills.. drowsy as hell.

And more did happen later that evening. But I cannot type anymore. This is exhausting.

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