Tuesday, 19th February 2002

Some people were born to be wild. Others were born to run. Virgos, it would appear, were born to cope. It doesn't matter what life throws at you; you handle it. You take it all in your stride and, on the rare occasion when your stride is not long enough, you borrow a pair of stilts. Yours is rare talent. It may not be the stuff of which action packed movies are made but if it were not for people like you, such films would not exist. Indeed nothing would exist - for nobody would organise it. Smile today. Your genius is not going unnoticed

And this is what I'm doing today: coping. Coping with all this bullshit around me.

The spasms from the accident have taken a turn for the worse. Affected areas include legs, right hand, right shoulder and complete back area. But the most affected is the right leg. As I walked into the doctor's office this morning, I felt weak. I haven't felt weak in a long long time. I meandered my way to the farthest check-up room, I felt worse. And by the time the doctor came in, my legs buckled under me!
The doctor, a good friend of mine, was worried... terribly worried. He was especially worried because I haven't been sleeping well and i looked like a wreck. So he says that he will put me on narcotic painkillers. And he gave me some muscle relaxants, and a couple of other medications. Let me tell you the biggest shock I got. That damned narcotic painkiller sent me into a frenzy! The whole damned world was spinning real fast.. I was sweating like a pig.. used up innumerable Kleenex to wipe the little waterfalls of perspiration.. breathlessness was an issue too. And finally I collapsed, on the couch. I just gave in. And I started saying my prayers.. for I thought this was it.

I did manage to recover. And I hope I will get through tomorrow without any problems. A series of MRI's I have to go through tomorrow.. God, I need courage.


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