tears time?

I just thought of a wonderful gift I received...my mother spent thousands of dollars on my wedding with absolutely no help from my father, so she didn't have much money to spend on an actual gift. When we were opening gifts after the wedding, I found a photo album that I opened to find pictures of me as I was growing up. It started with an ultrasound picture of me in my mother's belly and went through her baby shower, my birth, kindergarten, dance classes, graduation, etc. up to my wedding day, where she left an opening for me to insert a wedding picture. She had also written a story to go along with every picture, sort of in the theme of a children's book, to let me know how much she loved me through all stages of my life, ending with the thought that it was now someone else's turn to love and take care of me. That album brings me to tears every time I look at it. Thanks Mom!!!


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